Looe is a small coastal town and fishing port in south-east Cornwall, England. Looe is in fact two towns, East Looe and West Looe, connected by the bridge across the River Looe. The towns are situated around a small harbour and along the steep-sided valley of the River Looe which flows between East and West Looe to the sea beside a sandy beach. Off shore to the west, opposite the stonier Hannafore beach, lies the picturesque St George's Island, commonly known as Looe Island. Visitors today can enjoy its unspoilt beauty.

Come to Looe, you will love this picturesque magical Cornish fishing village with quaint old buildings, twisting streets, and smugglers taverns.
Looe's history is closely entwined with the sea and the men who fish there.
In exchange for Cornish fish, the Looe fishermen benefited in wool, corn, slate, French salt and wine, and wood and iron from Spain. With the discovery of Newfoundland in 1497,the word quickly spread to Looe fishermen who began summer voyages across the Atlantic to reap the rich cod grounds.

Looe remains a fishing town, and several fish dealers operate from the docks of East Looe. With its fleet of small fishing boats returning their catches to port daily the activities of the fishing fleet are a constant fascination to all, Looe has a reputation for producing excellent fresh fish.

Looe River and Harbour

Looe's main business today is, however, tourism, with much of the town given over to hotels, guest houses and holiday homes, along with a large number of pubs, restaurants, and shops selling beach equipment, ice cream and Cornish pasties. Inland there are many camping and caravan sites, as well as the famous Woolly monkey sanctuary.
You may be looking for an old fashioned seaside holiday - sun, sand and sea. You don't have to look much further than Looe with its wonderful sandy beach and shallow seas.Plus a wealth of rock pools for the children to investigate. The safe bay and estuary are a favourite with sailing, motorboat and water sports enthusiasts.

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The town is also a centre for shark fishing, and is the home of the National Shark Angling Club of Great Britain with folks sharing the excitement of weighing in the game fish at the headquarters.

A unique photo of the famous Looe lugger Our Daddy c1961.
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Old Looe Photos

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